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Oppo All Set to Launch World’s First Foldable Smartphone

World’s First Foldable Smartphone

We’ve already heard about Samsung’s first foldable smartphone named “Samsung Galaxy X” over the past several years. Now turn your heads from Samsung to “Oppo” as the company seems to be cooking a similar broth. Based on a recent report, a Chinese smartphone brand “Oppo” has just untested a new World’s First Foldable Smartphone design which unveils the possibility of a foldable smartphone with a gorgeous dual camera. Simply, another brand – another foldable smartphone.

A most recent Oppo patent shows that Oppo’s foldable smartphone will open like a tablet. The patent further says this foldable smartphone will have a pivot but its front will only show a single display.

Basically, Oppo’s foldable smartphone patent was picked by China Mobile. It is absolutely going to be the best choice for those who are interested to buy a foldable as well as an affordable smartphone. We’re, for now, only relying on a patent and according to that Oppo’s foldable smartphone seems entirely normal with no bezel on one side – making it a thin smartphone – oh! We mean a tablet. Yes!

Based on numerous rumors we’ve heard, Oppo World’s First Foldable Smartphone will be backed by the display from back and front. A gorgeous and solid camera will also be used on both front and back, depending on where the user is holding the device from.

We’re not sure either Oppo will develop an exact similar device as mentioned in its patent or not – but the good news remains that Oppo is working on a foldable smartphone.

Samsung’s foldable smartphone price is undecided but chances are it would be around $1500. But how much Huawei’s Foldable Smartphone will cost? It’s still a mystery just like Oppo’s foldable smartphone. It’s sure to be expensive whenever it lands. The price of recently release Samsung Galaxy S9 is $935. Oppo’s foldable smartphone will absolutely cost a lot more compared to it. According to features a foldable smartphone is equipped with – it will be able to fold via the flexible OLED panel and some segmented design. The design in images looks so innovative that users can switch to gadgets to a smartphone, tablet, and even wearable device (Hooray!).

Lastly, a bunch of smartphone OEMs is prepping up to release foldable smartphones. Oppo, Samsung and Huawei aside, Apple, LG and a couple of Chinese brands like Lenovo and ZTE are also expected to release foldable devices in the future.