Iris Scanning Vs Fingerprint Scanning

Iris Scanning Vs Fingerprint Scanning

Iris Scanning Vs Fingerprint Scanning

Who is more secure?

Today we will tell you what is iris scanning and how does it work? How is fingerprint scanning different? What are the benefits? What’s the harm? How does this work?

What is IRIS ?

When we talk about human beings, we all have three things that everyone has, but everyone is different. The first is Fingerprint’s second DNA and the third is the pattern of the iris of our eye. In normal usage, we use fingerprint much more. If you want to give access to someone, do not have to give or use a fingerprint. DNA is used in forensic science. It is not commonly used. It is quite complicated, therefore, it is not possible to use it normally.

In consumer electronic or day to day life, we use a fingerprint scanner only. Or can use iris scanning. Or if we want, we can also use the combination of both of these. Fingerprint technology is quite simple. Along with that, it is also quite affordable. This is the reason that we have been using it till date. And will continue to do even more.

So far it is not common to have iris scanning. This samaya can be found only in some selected places.

Iris Scanning Vs Fingerprint Scanning

Who is more secure?

So iris scanning is not common anymore. At this time it will be available only in selected places. But this technology is much safer than the fingerprint. It’s too fast. It’s pretty much efficient. And in the future, it will appear to be much better than a fingerprint, and will also be seen in more places.

How does Iris Scanning work?

There is a pattern between man’s eyes. Whom we call black eyes blue eyes, brown eyes. This is our eye iris. In general, we call puppets. Thin fine detail inside this pattern. They are different in every human being. When a child is 2 years old Since then, it does not change until it dies. And the whole life stays the same. Its principal tool is similar to some fingerprint. Like scan the iris once and keep it in the usage database. When the result came in verification, it compares with the result, and it explains whether this match was made or not.

Identification Methods

Fingerprint scanning has 40 to 50 points that identify the scan. But there are 240 to 250 points in iris scanning, which only validates when the match is over. It matches four or five times higher level security with a fingerprint, iris scanning and does not get access to the user until all of the points are found.

There is an infrared camera and a normal camera for iris scanning. Both of these cameras take a picture of your eyes together. Which is a very high-resolution wali hot And after that it is able to pick up the imported data. Like in the pattern is said diversion, where is the conversion, where is the curve on, where is the arc on. It identifies all the things. And make a code about them. This is their code of iris. And stores them in their database.

when the person goes to verify the same word again, then the eye is taken again by the infrared camera & the normal camera. And by converting it into the code it is matched with the code already saved. The user does not have access to the code match.

Who is Better?

The false fingerprint is in the deaf part of the body. This can cause injury while working. While working, it may get worn. The result is not so good for us. The second thing is to touch them. But there is no such problem in iris scanning because the iris is hidden inside the cornea inside our eyes. By which he is absolutely safe.

Iris scanning without having to touch them can scan them only. From which our hygiene also keeps ment. They can be scanned from a distance. So it can work at such a place as well. Where there is a lot of crowds and there is one person or all of them to scan together. There is no need to scan one pass by rotationally. It can scan all at once.

Mobile Phone and Iris Scanning

Which is the smartphone that has the technology of iris scanning? The wrong fingerprint was in many mobile phones but this is the fantastic scanner in iPhone 5s. And after that, almost every good smartphone started to give it. But iris scanning is very advanced technology. Because of which it’s not all in the smartphone anymore. In this very rare phone, you will find fizutsu aero in iris scanning facility. In addition, Microsoft’s Lumia 950 and Lumia 950xl and surface tablet combine this feature with the name of windows hello.