How to Import, Parse & Screen Resumes within Minutes

Parsing Resumes is one of the usual tasks of recruiters. As a recruiter, you need to do this thing first in the morning. In older days, recruiters used to do this thing manually like fill each and everything up in the candidate form by hand typing.

But as time passed and we grew together, we get to know that every process needs to be automated in order to have more efficiency in work. Lately, we understand the importance of the value of saving the time, saving the efforts and working smartly. ATS (Applicant Tracking System) has brought the revolution in the recruiting industry.

Now let’s see how this machine thing called ATS is working…

You need two things ready first… i.e. Resumes and your ATS (but obviously…)

An ATS allows you to drag and drop your CVs directly, in order to feed it in the system.

You just need to import those CVs by Import button,

That’s it…!!!

You don’t need to do anything now on. Now it is the turn of the machine to work… Automatically.

Screen Resumes within Minutes

The system will automatically fetch/grab all the important fields of the resume and preserve it for future work. In technical term, it’s call Parsing.

Typical parsers do parse the following fields/information from the resumes.

  • Candidate Name
  • Email Address
  • Contact Number
  • Current Designation
  • Location & Experience

You can see this parsed resumes in the Candidate Database and perform certain actions over the resume. The Resume Parser does all this on its own.

After importing and parsing resumes, recruiters need to screen the resumes for the further process. You can see the resume, edit the resume and download the resumes also.

The screening process is very tedious, especially when you have thousands of resumes. You need to check the resume whether it’s relevant for your job or not. If it is relevant, how many percentage. Whom to contact first whom do not. These processes are very lengthy. What if a machine does it on behalf of you?

Resume Parser

Yes… ATS can do all this thing on its own. You just need to assign the candidate to the ATS suggested jobs with matching percentage. So you can have the brief idea of what resume is containing without opening it.

All these processes can be done within minutes. ATS helps you to do everything on their own without many efforts. In the end, the recruiters can save so much time and spend it on other effective things. Recruiters can spend time searching for new candidates rather than wasting time on irrelevant ones.

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