Here is How You can Hide Samsung Galaxy S10 Hole Punch Camera

Hide Samsung Galaxy S10 Hole Punch Camera

Here is How You can Hide Samsung Galaxy S10 Hole Punch Camera

By the evolution of Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, you may have noticed that the previous Samsung Galaxy smartphones have their front cameras with notch itself that may little interrupt to the full-screen display, whenever you using apps or watching videos.

By now, the arrival of the latest smartphone of Samsung Galaxy S10 has introduced their “Hole-Punch” front-facing camera design with thinner bezels at the top of the screen that you can usually hide or active it. This smartphone is going to avoid its design to generally dislike notch of Samsung Galaxy S10 having a circle hole punch at the top of the screen.

Some peoples may annoy to look at. If you want a classic look or you want to hide the cutout or get rid to this smartphone hole-punch camera, which is the part of Samsung Infinity-O display, here are the ways to hide the cutout on the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 included a setting that let you hide your hole-punch camera and provides a full display screen without any notch at the top. If you want a full display screen without the camera cutout, one option is to get rid of it. You can just simply go to settings Tap the option Display > Full-Screen Apps, then you can see the first option at the very top of it is hide punched hole camera by toggle it will hide or active your hole-punch camera at the top.

While you effectively hide your hole-punch camera effect, it’s unfortunately, looks a thicker bezel up top by which your display screen size gets lower 6.4 inches to 6.1 inches, where the bottom does not adjust to offer a more balanced display placement between the top and the bottom. The black bar will occur at the very top. which continues to show the other viewing modes like full-screen display and camera.

For those whose don’t want thick bezel at their top infinity-screen? The other option to hide hole-punch is to use wallpaper to disguise the cutout. There are many resources that you can download your favorite wallpapers to do this. After download your wallpaper, then go to setting menu and Tap the theme then find the wallpaper in your gallery and set it as lock screen. Samsung may offer more creative wallpaper when new software updates and have fun with it.